Garantex Code

Garantex Code is an instant way to transfer assets from one user to another without fees and limits.

How to generate a Code?

Advantages of a Garantex code

Transfer a Garantex code to other users without fees and limits. questionBox

currensyImg Unlimited trading amounts
bitcoinImg No trading fees
exchangeImg Equal exchange rates

Multiсurrency features

You can use Garantex code for transferring:

rubleImg Russian Rubles
dollarImg US Dollars
hryvniaImg Ukrainian Hryvnias
liraImg Turkish Liras questionBox
dirhamImg UAE Dirhams

Comfortable ways of generating a Garantex code

p2pImg P2P-section

P2P-section allows you to buy and sell a Garantex code quickly and make deals with other users without intermediaries.

moneyImg Cash questionBox

Top up and withdraw cash from the balance of your account in our offices Moscow and Saint Petersburg, followed by the creation or code activation.

What is a Garantex code?

A Garantex code is a combination of numbers and letters that is generated in accordance with the selected conditions such as currency and equivalent value.

A Garantex code can be activated only once. The combination will be instantly destroyed and can’t be used again.


A Garantex code activation

A Garantex code is activated instantly after you’ve entered the combination in the Deposit menu section. You can activate a code in the "Assets" section:

On our website in the Assets section
In the mobile application in the Assets section
iphone mobile

A Garantex code activation

A Garantex code is activated instantly after you’ve entered the combination in the Deposit menu section. You can activate a code in the Assets section:

step1Img 1. Open the Assets section in the mobile app

Click the down arrow to select an action. Choose "Withdraw".

step2Img 2. Enter the amount of money

Select "Code Garantex ", enter the amount and click "Confirm".

step3Img 3. Reconfirm your decision

Then enter the code from SMS or the code to confirm the action from Google Authenticator.

step4Img 4. Your code is generated!

Congratulations! A letter with the copy of the code is already in your mailbox.


How to create a code and transfer it to another user? arrowImg
Go to [Assets] and click [Withdraw]. Select the withdrawal method [Garantex code], specify the amount and enter the code from SMS or Google Authenticator if you have two-factor authentication enabled. Then click [Confirm]. Send the generated code to the recipient to be credited to their balance.
Can I credit an unused Garantex code back to my account? arrowImg
Yes. Select the [History] tab at the top of the page, then click on [Garantex codes] and the [Credit to my account] button next to the unused code. The money will be returned to your account, and the code will become invalid.
Can I use both ruble and dollar Garantex codes? arrowImg
Yes. You can use all fiat currency codes presented in [Assets]. But it is still possible to work only with cash in account currency selected during registration.
Are there any daily or account limits on the trade amounts when creating a code? arrowImg
There are no restrictions that apply to trade amounts when creating a code.
Can I access Garantex codes without account verification? arrowImg
Yes, operations with the Garantex codes are available to all users. However, replenishing balance and withdrawing funds (in cash) from your account are available only after verifying your account.


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