Rules of Use

About the System

Garantex is a cryptocurrency exchange with cryptocurrency/cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency/fiat currency and fiat currency/cryptocurrency exchanges.

Deposit/Withdrawal of Funds

Fiat currency – RUB, USD, EUR.
Cryptocurrency – BTC, USDT, ETH, USDC, DAI.


  • Cash rubles at a cashier desk (Moscow and partner offices in the regions of Russia and around the world);
  • Any ways to top up the balance through the P2P platform of the exchange.


  • Cash at a cashier desk (Moscow and partner offices in the regions of Russia and around the world);
  • To the cards of Russian banks without restrictions.

Business Hours

Transactions are conducted around the clock. Deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrencies – around the clock.

Crediting and payment of rubles in Moscow offices – around the clock.


Current commissions can be found in the Statuses and fees section. (


Your account is protected by double authentication: password + SMS / Google Authenticator.

The administration has the right to require the full identification of the client.

Affiliate Program

Referral program – 33% of the fee paid by the attracted clients.

The program applies only to transactions between cryptocurrency and fiat money (both ways).

Partner's income is accumulated in rubles on a special AFF account and can be withdrawn in any standard way.

It is forbidden for a participant to have several accounts that are referral accounts in relation to each other. The administration reveals such violations and punishes up to the prohibition to work on the exchange.

A professional participant can only be a sponsor (cannot be a referee).

The administration has the right to change the rules of the affiliate program with 30 days' prior notice.

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