Terms of use

About the

Garantex system – a cryptocurrency exchange with the ability to carry out transactions for the exchange of cryptocurrency / cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency / fiat currency and fiat currency / cryptocurrency.

Deposit / withdrawal of funds

Fiat currency – RUB, USD, UAH.
Cryptocurrency – BTC, USDT, ETH, DAI.


  • Cash rubles at the cash desk (Moscow and St. Petersburg, partners' offices – in the regions of Russia, Ukraine and around the world);
  • Any method of deposit/withdrawal via the OTC exchange platform.


  • Cash at the checkout (Moscow and St. Petersburg, partners' offices in the regions of Russia, Ukraine and around the world);
  • To cards of Russian banks without restrictions.

Operating hours

Transactions are carried out 24/7. Deposits and withdrawals of cryptocurrencies 24/7.

Deposit nad withdrawal of rubles in the offices of Moscow and St. Petersburg – 24/7.


fee per transaction – 0.15% maker / 0.2% taker

use of borrowed funds – 0.1%


Your account is protected by double authorization: password + SMS / Google Authenticator.

The administration has the right to demand full identification of the client.

Affiliate program

Referral program – 33% from the fee of referred clients.

The program applies only to transactions between cryptocurrency and fiat funds (in both directions).

The partner's income is accumulated in rubles on a special AFF account and can be withdrawn in any standard way.

The participant is prohibited from having multiple accounts that are referral to each other. The administration reveals such violations and punishes up to the ban to operate on the exchange.

A professional participant can only be a sponsor (cannot be a referral).

The administration has the right to change the rules of the affiliate program with 30 days prior notice.

Credit limits

Professional participants and verified partners are provided with limits in the system.

If you have received / used the limit for the transaction, the debt must be repaid immediately after the transaction.

If you trade constantly during the day, then the

money spent from 14.00 to 02.00 must be deposited into your account by 14.00 of the day
The money spent from 02.00 to 14.00 must be paid by 14.00 the next day.

You can repay the credit limit both by depositing money and by selling cryptocurrency into the system.

For overdue obligations, a penalty of 0.2% per day is charged.